Neu-Life Community Resource Center

Neu-Life Community Resource Center

Issue Area
Healthy Youth Initiative, Human Trafficking & Sexual Violence Prevention
Making Proud Choices!, ARTREACH

Funded Program

ARTREACH: participants learn about modern day slavery, human trafficking, sex trafficking and how art has been used to raise awareness and affect social issues. The students are taught about the risk and vulnerability factors associated with human and sex trafficking. The program works with participants to create art by discussing ideas, putting thought on paper, and actually creating and finishing a work of art. (Human Trafficking & Sexual Violence Prevention)

Making Proud Choices!: Provides teen pregnancy prevention programming by delivering MPC curriculum at its community-based site, as well as Milwaukee School of Sign Language, Victory School, Keefe Avenue School, and Hopgood Youth Homes. (Healthy Youth Initiative)

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2014 W. North Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53205

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