New Concept Self Development Center, Inc.

New Concept Self Development Center, Inc.

Issue Area
Agency Program Partner, Education, Financial Stability, Health, Healthy Youth Initiative
Fathers' Resource & Employment Center, MLK Social Service, Wise Guys

A United Way partner since 1978.

Funded Programs

Fathers' Resource & Employment Center: Providing job readiness; parent education; and access to telecommunication services for men and fathers. (Financial Stability)

MLK Social Service: Supports families through parenting classes, crisis counseling and information and referral services. (Education)

Wise Guys: Focus on adolescent men and issues they relate to through discussion topics including: Personal and Family Values; Communication and "Masculinity"; Sexuality; Dating Violence; Abstinence and Contraception; Sexually Transmitted Infections; Goal-Setting; Decision-Making; and Parenthood. (Healthy Youth Initiative)

Contact Information

1531 West Vliet Street
Milwaukee, WI 53205

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