Asset Building

Asset Building

The inability for many of Waukesha County’s citizens to meet their basic needs affects the entire community. 16.4 percent of the population is considered low income or working poor. United Way is addressing this issue by focusing on teaching families and individuals who are struggling to meet their basic needs the skills needed to increase income, build savings, and gain assets.

To ensure we address this issue, United Way funds strategies that:

  • Provide intensive one-on-one case management to teach budgeting skills and develop short and long-term goals.
  • Raise awareness of the importance of building and increasing savings and credit through financial literacy seminars, educational materials, and workshops.
  • Increase employability and develop a dependable workforce utilizing career counselors and classroom training.
  • Utilize learned skills to increase total income and acquire essentials, such as cars, homes, and insurance.

2023 Goal

Reduce by 85% the number of working poor of targeted families (150 -200% of the poverty level; average income $40,000 for a family of four*).

Current Impact

Of the individuals who participated in United Way-funded financial stability programs:

  • 99% increased their budgeting skills.
  • 81% increased their knowledge of skills needed for enhanced employment opportunities.
  • 93% reduced their debt.

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