COVID-19 Urgent Needs Fund

COVID-19 Urgent Needs Fund

United Way’s nonprofit partners are experiencing increased need for emergency food service, increased costs for needed medical equipment and for cleaning supplies.

For our partners who must remain open to serve our community’s most vulnerable members, they also have some increased staffing costs either because they are extending hours as needs increase or using staff for things volunteers might have previously done.

This fund will support these urgent needs of nonprofits as they arise.

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Our United Way offices are closed while staff continue to work remotely. If you would like to send a gift by check, please send to our bank lockbox address rather than our physical address. This will allow us to process your gift and mobilize it into the community quickly.

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In the midst of this urgent situation, we want to remind everyone of the vital role the arts play in our community. If you haven’t yet made a gift to the United Performing Arts Fund this year, their annual campaign is ongoing. Please consider making a gift here.

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