Helping Kids Succeed Initiative

Helping Kids Succeed Initiative

Student achievement and personal development is closely tied to positive parental involvement. There are a multitude of barriers that can get in the way of parental engagement.

It is important for all families and the community to work well together so that all students are successful. United Way invests in Parental Engagement in Waukesha County that helps students succeed by improving school attendance and grades and by increasing the graduation rate.

To ensure we address this issue, United Way funds strategies that:

  • Provide mediation services used as a one-on-one strategy with parents, the child, and school to address the issues that are affecting the child. Mediation works to establish a plan to increase school attendance, grades, and graduation rates. Mediation creates a mutually agreed upon action plan for learning between the parent, child and school. 
  • Place students who are struggling in a traditional school environment into a 21 month hands-on work/school program that allows the student to work in local industry learning valuable skills and completing their high school education at the same time. 

2023 Goals

  • 85% of targeted students successfully graduate high school.
  • 85% parents or guardians develop a clear understanding of how they can be an engaged partner with schools and organizations.

Current Impact

Of the students who participated in United Way-funded helping kids succeed programs: 

  • 86% improved their grades.
  • 86% improved their school attendance.
  • 71% reduced their involvement in risky behavior.
  • 83% of parents increased their engagement with their children and their children’s schools.

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