Please Start

Please Start

She works every day to provide for her family. Feet on the floor at 5 a.m., a hot breakfast for the kids. She buckles the baby into the car seat and gets behind the wheel.

She whispers a prayer as she twists the key. “Please. Start.” She kisses the baby at the daycare door and heads to work. Over her lunch she chats with co-workers and shares how she saved enough couponing to buy soccer shoes for her daughter.

She is one of thousands of local residents who live in or just above poverty.

She and her family live one car repair or water leak away from a devastating financial situation.

Thanks to a United Way funded, certified child care she can go to work each day. After work, when the kids are tucked in, she is training through a United Way funded program to get a certification that will get her a promotion and work her way up to supervisor. She is determined to be a good example for her kids.

I, like many of you, grew up in a household like this. Once my parents divorced we were one medical, car, or household emergency away from not paying the electric bill, putting gas in the car or feeding four hungry kids. I can still hear my mom whisper, “please – start.”

You and I can make a difference today for thousands of local residents living in poverty or in that space between poverty and being able to sleep well at night. United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County makes it easy to give and to know that your funds will go to programs that are vetted and monitored. Programs that work.

If you run a company – sign up for a corporate payroll deduction plan. If your company does not offer this option, you can easily sign up individually with a one time or ongoing gift. Encourage your friends and co-workers to do the same.

If you already give, consider an increased amount. If you do not, "please – start."


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