How United Way Staff are Giving Back in 2019

How United Way Staff are Giving Back in 2019

December 31, 2018

As United Way staff, we get to spend every day helping the community, but that doesn’t mean we clock out on giving back when 5 o’clock hits! Looking for creative ideas for how to give back in 2019? Check out some of our resolutions…

“Helping children learn to read using Vello to allow me to be a virtual tutor.” – Craig Nuechterlein, Information Technology

“I plan to educate myself on the vast, pressing needs in our community by volunteering at as many different nonprofits as possible. It’s easy to stick with a favorite cause, so I intend on stepping out of my comfort zone and learning as much as possible along the way!” – Bridget Tishler, Resource Development

“I have a few things that I do on a regular basis in terms of financial contributions to local causes, as well as spending time volunteering with a local group. But this year, I’d like to challenge myself to try something new. The first thing that came to mind is Vello—virtual reading with students at our local schools. I love the idea of connecting with these young minds and encouraging them to read as often as possible.” – Dan Herda, Marketing & Communications

“My plan is to plan on planning. In other words, I am planning to open the Volunteers United Weekly Digest every time it arrives, and search for the right volunteer opportunity that looks appealing.” – Scot Henry, Information Technology

“Mentoring, reading to youth, baking for veterans.” – Kathy Shine, 2018 Loaned Executive

“I’m going to volunteer my time and talents as a VITA tax preparer (including at United Way’s homestead credit clinic) and a Vello reading tutor. And I’ve also made a goal to call – not text – at least one friend per week who isn’t my spouse or a blood relative. It’s alarming how out of practice I am at that.” – Jim McLaughlin, Community Impact

“I’m planning to come back again as a Loaned Executive for next year’s campaign, assuming my wife hasn’t kidnapped me and moved me to Denver (where her two daughters are).  If that does happen, I’ll see what I can do to help Denver’s United Way campaign.” – Craig Howard, 2018 (and hopefully 2019) Loaned Executive

“Packing homeless hygiene packs that I can give to individuals asking for assistance in public.” – Stacey Meyer, Information Technology

“United Way gives me lots of awesome opportunities to help humans, so in addition to trying some new volunteer projects around my passion – helping women and children - my 2019 giving back resolution is to find fun and creative ways to help animals, like making dog toys to bring to the Wisconsin Human Society.” – Katie Kuhn, Marketing & Communications

"My family makes sandwiches for Guest House of Milwaukee on Christmas Day.  We find it’s a good way to involve the young adults who have too much stuff already.  And then they take them over to the shelter.  I also plan to continue volunteering at the Farmers Market in Oak Creek and finding various other volunteer project (and, of course, donations to United Way and others)." – Michele Kieweg, Information Technology

“I am going to invest more time and resources into programs serving young people/adults in 53206 zip code as well as serving as an advocate alongside community leaders committed to violence prevention.” – Karen Coy-Romano, 2018 Loaned Executive

Feeling inspired? Find the perfect volunteer project for you, your family, and/or your work or friend group by visiting United Way’s Volunteers United site.

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