St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Dental Clinic

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Agency Program Partner, Health, Health Improvement Fund, Healthy Birth Outcomes
Healthy Teeth for Children, Prenatal Dental Program, Restorative Care Program

A United Way partner since 2006.

Funded Programs

Healthy Teeth for Children: Offers children a preventive dental care program that includes screening by a dentist, cleaning by hygienists, instruction in oral health, and application of fluoride and sealants. (Health)

Oral Access for Uninsured: (Health Improvement Fund)

Prenatal Dental Program: Links prenatal-care sites and a dental-care provider. With the assistance of an Oral Health Advocate, women navigate successfully between prenatal health services and dental services. (Healthy Birth Outcomes)

Restorative Care Program: Ensures access to quality oral healthcare services for children and adults with limited income. (Health)

Contact Information

1730 South 13th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204