Our Impact

Our Impact

United Way is more than just a fundraiser. We collaborate with individuals and organizations to tackle our community's most pressing issues. We connect people who want to help to people in need. We assist local organizations in meeting their social responsibility goals and connect people of all ages and abilities to opportunities to give back to their community.

At United Way, we know that our community’s issues are broad and vast; they’re an enormous challenge for one single nonprofit to address. We also know many of these issues are interrelated–issues like health concerns, educational road blocks, and financial struggles. Donations to the Community Fund help United Way find innovative solutions to these issues and call everyone in our four-county region to action.

United Way convenes resources, volunteers, experts, and other service providers for short-term relief and long-term success.

Ensuring Community Investments

Below is a breakdown of how donations are invested in the community.

49% Directed by donors, through United Way, to charities of their choice as all or part of their gift 
46% Strategic program grants and community-wide initiatives, building the capacity of our agency partners 
3% Community problem-solving 
2% Volunteer engagement

Our Response to COVID-19

As COVID-19 swept the nation, many of us closed our doors and prepared to stay safe at home. But for some, the pandemic only added to the challenges they face every single day. Many of our nonprofit partners remained open, offering essential services and supplies to individuals and families in need throughout our four-county area.

And as the pandemic grew, so did the needs: food, medical and cleaning supplies, support for staffing, especially at shelters…the list went on and on.

United Way was built for moments like this. We’ve been doing this work for over 100 years right here in our community. We’re connected to people who are already doing the hard work in our neighborhoods. We mobilize action quickly. And donors know they can absolutely trust us with their dollars. Quite simply, United Way knows how to get things done. But we all know that this is only the beginning. COVID-19 is changing the way the world works. United Way is ready. It’s time to reimagine our future. It’s time to create lasting change.

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