Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County changes lives and improves our community by mobilizing people and resources to drive strategic impact in health, education, and financial stability.

Our Vision

United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County aspires to accomplish the following:

  • Produce significant and measurable results in the areas of HealthEducation, and Financial Stability.
  • Convene diverse teams of community members to take collaborative action on priority issues.
  • Recruit and retain talent to drive cross-sector initiatives and integrated, community-focused work.
  • Sustain its financial stability and efficient operations.
  • Be recognized as a leader in effecting long-term societal change.
  • Attain robust revenue growth as donors’ charity of choice.

Diversity & Inclusion Value Statement

We believe diversity goes beyond visible differences and affirms the essence of all individuals including the realities, background, experiences, skills and perspectives that make each person who they are.  Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of what it means to Live United.

Our Values

  • We believe we all have an obligation for the care and well-being of the Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County community.
  • We believe in maximizing community impact by pooling individual contributions.
  • We believe in working in concert with local agency partners to make a critical difference in our community.
  • We believe maximizing the satisfaction of our customers (donors) is our most important concern as a means of warranting their continued loyalty.
  • We believe we are accountable to our community and must maintain stellar financials and secure systems that ensure the confidentiality of donor information.
  • We believe excellence is the standard for all we do (internally and externally), achieved by encouraging and nourishing:
    • Respect for each other and the individuals we serve
    • Integrity in every action we take
    • Ethical behavior in all we do
    • Honest, open communications
    • Prudent risk-taking
    • Cooperation and teamwork
    • Creativity and innovation
    • Ownership of our actions
  • We believe the ultimate measure of our success is our ability to provide superior value to our partners and customers, balancing near-term and long-term objectives, and growth to achieve measured impact and overall community improvement.


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