Holiday Giving Tree

Holiday Giving Tree

Celebrate the season of giving!

For more than 30 years, the Holiday Giving Tree program has connected nonprofit clients with groups and workplaces looking to purchase gifts and spread cheer for local children, adults, and seniors. United Way is proud to continue this tradition.

The Holiday Giving Tree is the perfect project to engage your employees or community group to make a difference this holiday season.

How it Works

  1. Nonprofit agencies submit client wishes to United Way. Gift recipients include seniors, people with disabilities, veterans, teens, and children. Each gift recipient can list up to three wishes.
  2. Groups and workplaces request to be matched with nonprofits whose clients are in need this holiday season. For each match, you receive a holiday gift tag with the name and three specific wishes. Depending on how many tags your organization requests, you may even be matched with more than one nonprofit. (Each request has a 15 gift tag minimum.)
  3. Recruit gift givers throughout your company or group to purchase requested gifts (suggested value $20-$25). Display tags and communicate the Holiday Giving Tree program benefits and share specific due dates of when gifts need to be purchased by.
  4. Contact the nonprofit agency immediately upon receiving your match to arrange and coordinate any additional details including due date for the gifts, gift delivery, and to inquire about any upcoming holiday programs you and your employees could attend.

For questions, contact Jayne Thoma at 414.837.3180 or via email.


Frequently Asked Questions

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 What agencies participate in the program?

United Way partner agencies and local agencies serving clients in need in Milwaukee and Waukesha counties. Last year, approximately 8,634 individuals received holiday gifts through this program.

 How will we know what to buy?

Nonprofit agencies submit three (3) wishes for each client for shoppers to choose from.

 How many gifts does my organization need to purchase?

A minimum of 15 gifts. Individuals wishing to participate but don’t want to commit to 15 gifts can donate via our website to have volunteers fulfill gift requests.

 How much should I spend per gift?

Gift value should be $20-$25.

 Can I include handmade items?

We encourage store bought gifts. Please no baked goods.

 How do I know what nonprofit I got matched with?

We will be sending out communication to both companies and nonprofits by early November.

 Is there a fee for my company/organization to participate?

There is only a fee if your organization chooses to have their giving tree tags shipped directly to you.

 What are the requirements for participation?

There are no requirements, we just request you fill all gift requests you signed up for within the time period the nonprofit has requested.

 Do I need to deliver gifts to the nonprofit?

Each agency has different requests, so you will need to coordinate with your nonprofit contact.

For questions, contact Jayne Thoma at 414.837.3180 or via email.

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