Techquity Advisory Council Application

Techquity Advisory Council Application

Position Overview

There are two unique Techquity Advisory Councils: Tech Sector and Community.

  • Tech Sector council will be comprised of experts in professional technology role and/or organizations (e.g. a CIO, Director of IT, Technology Project Manager, Software Developer, etc.).
  • Community council will be comprised of individuals who may not have a tech-related professional role, but are yet involved in direct service with clients, families, and/or students who have technology-related needs.

Each council will consist of 5-10 volunteer members.

The mission of both Techquity Advisory Councils is simple: To develop and implement a sustainable plan to achieve Techquity’s digital inclusion and equity goals in United Way of Greater Milwaukee’s four-county region. Advisory council members will work with other council members and United Way staff to:

  • Identify those most adversely affected by the digital divide in Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha, Ozaukee, and Washington counties. 
  • Develop Techquity’s functions, benefits, strategies, goals, partners, and new areas for tech-related investment in the effort to bridge the digital divide.
  • Identify problems and implement solutions related to the Access, Devices, Skills, and Advocacy strategies of the Techquity initiative.
  • Identify program and policy adjustments and focus areas based on the community’s most pressing needs and priorities.
  • Review grant applications and determine eligibility for funding.

Advisory Council expectations: 

  • Act as an in-house advisor for Techquity. Share your expertise and experiences with Community Impact staff to further enhance the mission of United Way through the Techquity Initiative. 
  • Regularly attend Techquity Advisory Council meetings.
  • Be willing to engage in frank and candid discussions related to digital equity and inclusion, and the digital divide.
  • Review materials prior to meetings, participate in discussions, and offer suggestions.
  • Promote Techquity’s mission and opportunities for partnership within one’s personal and professional networks.
  • Conduct and/or assist in Techquity-related research and presentations as needed.
  • Be willing to discuss and disclose potential conflicts of interest. 

Time Commitment: Monthly 1-1.5 hr. meetings for at least six months, beginning May 2021. Regular meeting schedule will be determined upon the first meeting. Advisory Council roles will last one year.

​Application Due Date: Monday, May 3, 2021

Application Notification Date: Friday, May 7, 2021

Upcoming Meetings: May 2021

Advisory Council Chair: TBD

Questions? Contact David Berka at 414.263.8157 or email.




Organization Address 




I would like to be part of the Techquity 
See above for Tech Sector and Community Advisory Council descriptions.

Have you previously volunteered with United Way in a leadership or advisory role?   Yes   No
If yes, when, for how long, and which role: 

Please describe your interest in the Techquity initiative. Why is bridging the digital divide important to you?

Please describe how your experience, skills, and/or expertise would be an asset to a Techquity Advisory Council.

Is there one Techquity strategy in which you are especially interested or passionate about? Please describe one idea or goal you have for advancing one or more of Techquity’s core strategies.

If seated on one of the Techquity Advisory Councils, would you commit to the council member requirements, including a monthly 1-1.5 hr. meeting for at least the first six months of your Advisory Council term?   Yes   No
If no, why?

Has your organization received funding or devices through the Techquity Initiative?  Yes  No 
If yes, please describe the circumstances.

Any additional comments you would like to add regarding Techquity or your desire to get involved?

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