La Causa, Inc.

La Causa, Inc.

Issue Area
Agency Program Partner, Education, Healthy Youth Initiative
Crisis Nursery & Respite Center, Early Education & Care Center, Making Proud Choices!, Safe Dates

A United Way partner since 1986.

Funded Programs

Crisis Nursery & Respite Center: Offers a safe, nurturing environment for children experiencing a family crisis or parents who need respite to prevent or reduce incidents of abuse and neglect. (Education)

Early Education & Care Center: Provides child development assessments and parenting education through group support sessions and home visits to support Hispanic family stability and nurture a positive growing environment. (Education)

Making Proud Choices!: Features the MPC curriculum in La Causa's Charter School during school hours, as well as within LaCausa Social Services and Milwaukee County Delinquency and Court Services – Detention. La Causa, Inc. is targeting Hispanic youth in their Charter School and at-risk youth in the community by also providing programming in youth group homes. (Healthy Girls Initiative)

Safe Dates: Using the evidence-based Safe Dates curricula with Milwaukee youth through schools, group homes, treatment foster care homes, Wraparound Milwaukee, and residential treatment facilities. (Healthy Youth Initiative)

Contact Information

136 West Greenfield Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53204