Financial Stability

Financial Stability

Our community will only prosper and grow if all families are financially stable. Fewer financial stresses lead to healthier lives, improved work performance, and better education outcomes. United Way invests in programs that help adults improve their education level and create a more financially secure future for themselves and their families. United Way’s work in Financial Stability is focused on ensuring all families and individuals achieve independence.

More families are achieving financial stability. Last year, 49,028 adults and families benefited from programs that reduced barriers to employment and provided safe and stable homes.

In 2020-21 United Way will invest in over 60 financial stability programs, including community-wide initiatives.

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 Financial Empowerment for Individuals & Families

United Way is promoting financial stability and independence. To do this, we are investing in programs that help people understand how to build financial assets and save for a home or postsecondary education.

Our Impact

Of those who utilized United Way-funded financial capabilities programs

  • 97% understood how credit works
  • 98% understood the importance of saving money for the future
  • 83% understood their personal budget
  • 97% made progress towards their personal goals
  • 97% had more confidence in making financial decisions
  • 97% improved their problem-solving skills

Initiatives We Lead

Financial Empowerment for Women - Provides educational tools and resources that assist women in planning their financial future.

Fund My Future Milwaukee (Children's Savings Accounts) - Raises children's expectations for their future by seeding an educational savings account starting in kindergarten for all Milwaukee students.

Community Coalitions, Collaborations, & Partnerships

 Reducing Barriers to Employment

United Way is helping others to build education credentials and skill certification to overcome barriers to employment. To do this, we invest in programs that help individuals navigate through the legal system and gain educational and/or training skills to secure and maintain employment that offers a family sustaining wage.

Our Impact

Of those that participated in United Way-funded reducing barriers to employment programs:

  • 90% achieved/gained job-specific credentials (certificate, license, etc…)
  • 86% improved their computer skills
  • 93% improved their job interviewing skills
  • 92% improved their resume writing skills
  • 85% improved their literacy skills
  • 93% improved their job search skills (internet, newspaper, etc...)
  • 82% maintained employment
  • 72% retained employment for at least 30 days

Of those who utilized United Way-funded adult learning programs:

  • 97% know that there are benefits to using a bank
  • 97% learned the basics of a checking/savings account
  • 94% opened a checking/savings account
  • 96% put money in a checking/savings account
  • 99% made progress towards their academic goals
  • 98% had more confidence in their academic ability
  • 86% improved their computer skills
  • 99% had a greater belief in themselves
  • 98% learned problem solving skills
  • 95% learned to organize their time
  • 99% made progress towards personal goals
  • 98% showed more independence
  • 98% felt like better role models for their family

Of those that participated in United Way-funded legal aid programs:

  • 96% felt some stress relief in knowing where to seek the proper assistance and/or services
  • 96% felt someone was able to help them
  • 99% had a better understanding of their legal rights
  • 95% know more about available community resources

Initiatives We Lead

Reducing Barriers to Employment & Advancement - Decreases the unemployment rate among African Americans through increased training, credentialing, transportation, expungement, and diverse talent retention.

Community Coalitions, Collaborations, & Partnerships

Black Male Achievement Advisory Council (BMAAC)

Boys and Men of Color Week

Men's Job Seminar

Milwaukee Area Workforce Funding Alliance Board

Milwaukee Reentry Council

Milwaukee Transitional Jobs Collaborative

MPS Drive Advisory Council

UWM Black Male Summit (annual)

 Safe & Stable Homes

United Way is ensuring individuals and families have safe and affordable permanent housing. We do this, by investing in programs that help people meet their basic needs of food and shelter. 

Our Impact

Of those that participated in United Way-funded emergency food pantries:

  • 95% had a better understanding of healthy eating habits
  • 95% were offered resources about healthy eating habits
  • 98% felt that the pantry provided them with nutritious food
  • 81% were able to use their money towards other areas of their budget
  • 89% felt their 3-5 day emergency food needs were met
  • 87% received information about available community resources or assistance programs besides emergency food
  • 87% used the resources provided to them

Of those that participated in United Way-funded housing and homeownership programs:

  • 100% will be better able to handle similar situations it he future because of what they learned
  • 91% avoided foreclosure, eviction or homelessness
  • 88% were able to maintain or secure safe and affordable housing
  • 98% received information or services to better their housing situation
  • 97% received information about available community resources or assistance programs in addition to foreclosure/eviction prevention

Of those that utilized United Way-funded emergency shelters:

  • 89% felt their housing would improve after leaving the shelter
  • 88% set personal goals towards self-improvement
  • 81% made progress towards their goals
  • 95% felt their basic needs were met
  • 67% made progress toward solving problems they may have had when trying to achieve their goals

Of those that participated in United Way-funded immigration and refugee services programs:

  • 87% received assistance or resources for legal help
  • 98% understood their legal status
  • 98% understood their employment eligibility
  • 96% knew when they would qualify for permanent residency or citizenship
  • 99% felt staff were respectful of their culture
  • 99% understood what to expect next

Initiatives We Lead

Safe & Stable Homes - Aims to end family homelessness by 2025 though prevention and intervention.

Community Coalitions, Collaborations, & Partnerships

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