Report Envelope

Report Envelope

Write Clearly – Numbers that are clearly written help United Way staff to process your organization’s pledges accurately and efficiently.

Keep Materials Together – Keep each employee’s pledge form and corresponding check or cash paper clipped together (no staples). Please do not separate gifts into stacks of cash and checks apart from the pledge forms.

Do Not Overfill Envelopes – If you have a substantial number of pledge materials/payments to return to United Way, please use multiple report envelopes.

Report Only Those Pledges Enclosed in this Envelope – All information reported on the front of report envelope should apply only to pledges actually in this report envelope. Do not count pledges from report envelopes previously turned in to United Way.

Please return all original pledge forms to United Way.

  • Donors should make copies of their original pledge form for their personal records before submitting the form.
  • Ambassadors must copy all payroll pledge forms and submit them to their Payroll Department to set up deductions.

Questions? Contact your United Way representative or Pledge Processing at 414.263.8145 or via email.

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Campaign Report Envelope