Report Envelope

Report Envelope

Use our easy Report Envelope Excel form to calculate your totals.

Print and attach form to the front of your envelope when ready to submit.

Steps to Submit

Step 1: Collect

  • Make sure all pledge forms are turned in. Send a reminder e-mail or ask each department head to check with employees.

Step 2: Count

  • Know the number of donors and amounts raised in each of the following categories: payroll deduction, other employee contributions (cash, check, credit card, direct bill, stock), special events and corporate gifts.
  • Use the Report Envelope Excel Form to calculate.

Step 3: Complete

  • Copy all payroll pledge forms and submit them to your Payroll Department to set up deductions. Original forms should be submitted to United Way.
  • Keep each employee’s pledge form and corresponding check or cash paper clipped together (no staples).
  • Fill out the front of your Report Envelope or attach printout of Report Envelope Excel Form.

Step 4: Contact

  • Reach out to your United Way account manager and we’ll come pick up your envelope.

Step 5: Celebrate

  • Congratulations! You should feel great about helping our region. As an Ambassador, you are truly making a difference.

Questions? Contact your United Way account manager or Pledge Processing at 414.267.8408 or via email.

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