Agency Partner Spotlight: St. Joseph’s Medical Clinic

Agency Partner Spotlight: St. Joseph’s Medical Clinic

A nurse at St. Joseph's Medical Center in Waukesha visits with a patient.

June 19, 2018

Agency Name: St. Joseph’s Medical Clinic (SJMC)

Agency Mission: To support the health and well-being of uninsured, underinsured, and low-income friends and neighbors who reside, work, or attend school in the Waukesha County community.

United Way-funded programs: All medical services: general practice clinics, specialty clinics (podiatry, women’s health, and physical therapy), medication assistance program, and community education opportunities (diabetes care, Narcan training, self-care/stress management, etc.).

Founded in 1977 (oldest free and charitable clinic in the state of Wisconsin!).

Issue area: Health

Tell us about the community members you serve: The almost 700 patients we treated in the last year are just like you and me. They work, go to school, take care of their loved ones, and deserve to live their healthiest lives. We so often take for granted the insurance that keeps our healthcare and medication costs manageable. However, if we were to lose an income, it’s just a few paychecks that separate us from the homeless and uninsured population we care for every day. At SJMC, we acknowledge that our patients are people first and this is reflective in the level of care afforded to them. Patients are recognized by name, given individualized attention, and provided with necessary education to further their individual health journey.  

What does “success” look like for your agency? All that we do at SJMC is centered around improving the overall heath and quality of life for our patients. Because of this, we measure our success as a community resource by how well we can not only address the medical needs of those who seek our services, but also our ability to act as a safety net, connecting them with additional resources within the community. This “continuity of care” model has afforded us credibility and helped us to earn the trust of the Waukesha county community.

A gentleman in need of wound care approached our clinic. Although he came to us for simple bandaging and treatment of a cut, he suffered from hypertension, diabetes and multiple other complications. Upon his intake, we discovered he was also in need of a home and job. Our medical providers not only treated him that day, but also referred him to the Waukesha Memorial Hospital’s wound care unit to seek further medical aid. At St. Joseph’s Medical Clinic patient success spans far beyond an initial exam. Our team of providers went beyond the required scope of care to connect this man to housing and employment resources. This depth of care has enabled the man to get back on his feet and have the proper medications he needs to stabilize his health. For this patient, and so many of our friends and neighbors in Waukesha county, St. Joseph’s Medical Clinic is more than just a doctor’s office – it’s their health home. 

How does United Way funding help you achieve your mission? St. Joseph’s Medical Clinic is 100% funded by the support of donors like United Way. Because of this, the funding we receive is critical to the success of delivering programs and services in fulfillment of our mission. The generosity of the United Way is felt in all aspects of the medical care provided at SJMC. From the supplies used during an exam, to the medications dispensed after care by a medical provider, or even the educational materials shared with the community in continuance of their health and wellness so much of what we do for other is a direct product of all that United Way has done for us.

How can a volunteer get involved? We have volunteer opportunities to suit almost any availability and skill set. From providing medical care to patients in the clinic to administrative tasks in the office, volunteers are an essential part of the success of SJMC. Check out all available volunteer opportunities at SJMC here.

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