17-year old Jazmin is a good student at Milwaukee Messmer High School and star soccer player.

But Jazmin struggled with more than schoolwork and sports. Several years ago, Jazmin was presented with depression. “I just had everything bundled up inside of me, I just wanted help,” she said.

According to the Federal Center for Mental Health Services, one in eight adolescents is affected by depression.  It can hurt their ability to focus, get along with other people, do basic tasks — and just enjoy life.

Jazmin start working with Dr. Leslie Davis, a bilingual psychologist at Aurora Walker’s Point Community Clinic. The Behavioral Health Program at Aurora and their ability to hire Dr. Davis were both funded with help from United Way.

Through regular weekly sessions, Leslie started helping Jazmin work through the issues that were making her feel upset. “Leslie listens to you; she gives you advice, and never judges you,” Jazmin said.

She started feeling better and her outlook on life started to improve.

“The health of all citizens in our community is important,” said Joy Tapper, Executive Director of the Milwaukee Health Care Partnership. “The investments from the United Way impact everyone, regardless of your class, race or status in life.”

Last year, 95% participants in United Way-funded Behavioral and Mental Health programs felt they had a better understanding of the problems they were struggling with and knew the steps to improve their situation.

Today Jazmin is still on the road to recovery, and she is proud of what she has accomplished so far.  She is hopeful for the future. The high school junior will be the first in her family to graduate high school and has already started touring different colleges.  She  says she is interested in  pursuing a degree in nursing. 

“Counselors like Leslie, help you see life in a different way. I’m really enjoying life right now,” said Jazmin.

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