Wisconsin Community Services

Wisconsin Community Services

Issue Area
Agency Program Partner, Education, Financial Stability, Health, Helping Kids Succeed Initiative
Community Reintegration Services, Criminal Justice Recovery Services, Driver's License Recovery, Agree to Succeed Attendance Program, Mediation & Restorative Justice Center

A United Way partner since 1967.

Funded Programs

Community Reintegration Services: Facilitates successful community reintegration for persons with criminal histories by removing barriers to employment, assessing employment needs and providing job development. (Financial Stability)

Criminal Justice Recovery Services: Provides treatment to individuals with mental illness, substance abuse challenges or dual diagnoses to increase their capacity to live in the community and avoid inappropriate and harmful incarceration. (Health)

Driver’s License Recovery: Helps to regain a critical employability asset by increasing the number of low-income drivers in Milwaukee County. (Financial Stability)

Agree to Succeed Attendance Program: Provides community resources, support, and activities to enhance and implement strong skills for students and parents to succeed. (Helping Kids Succeed Initiative) (Education)

Mediation & Restorative Justice Center: Provides mediation services and training for the community. (Health)

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3732 West Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 200
Milwaukee, WI 53208

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