Giving Incentives


Campaign Prizes & Incentive Ideas 

Below are prize ideas your company can offer to encourage participation and incentivize giving.

Tip: Ask your coworkers what services or skills they can donate. This makes the prize personalized and at no additional cost to the company. Examples include: donated photography sessions for headshots or family photos, baked goods or a home cooked meal, fitness instruction, knitted scarves and more!  

Working from Home 

Custom, professionally designed Zoom background

Home Office Makeover including a new desk chair, headphones, etc.

Prize Pack delivered for an at home happy hour or movie night 

Coffee delivery to your home for a week 

From Leadership

Golf with the boss

Lunch with your manager – their treat! 

Ask company leadership for incentives (ex: access to a lake house)

Car washed by your boss or coworkers

Online + Outdoor Activities 

PORCHraits or family pictures 

Hosting an online Murder Mystery Party for a team

Subscription Services ex: groceries, snacks, plants, tea, etc.

Flower delivery

Office Perks 

Front row parking during winter

Casual day/jeans day

Company promotional items like t-shirts, water bottles, etc.

Click here to purchase United Way swag as prizes . 

Time Off  

Vacation Day

Flee at 3 Coupon – End your day 2 hours earlier than normal

Long Lunch - Get an extra hour off for lunch with a food delivery service gift card

Take a Hike - Get a half day Friday and state park sticker

Lazy Monday - Start late on Monday with coffee/breakfast delivered 

Food + Snacks 

Chocolate, candy or a custom snack basket

Pizza party

Baked goods

Snack drawer complete with employees favorite snacks 

Hosting a Food Truck

Gift cards to local businesses and restaurants 

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